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How It Works


Choose from our range of Fully Prepared Hapi Meals, and our ‘Ready to Heat’ & ‘Ready to Cook’ sides, meats, and veg. You can choose from our range of homemade sauces, spices, and marinades too.

Prepared by Our Chefs

Our chefs cook each meal using the freshest natural ingredients. They’re cooked, chilled, packed and sealed; ready for delivery!


Our drivers deliver your order on, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings. You will be texted your delivery time the day before your delivery.

Cook, Heat and Eat

You can heat our cooked meals and sides in the oven or microwave. And our ready-to-cook range comes with instructions!

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New Hapi Range

We are taking the best of what we learned over the last 6 years to create the next generation of The Hapi Food Co. Store.

We have really leaned to using all things Irish over the last 2 years and that is something we want to expand on more.

Seasonal produce and seasonally designed menus. All our meat is Irish and over 70% of our Veg is Irish which we aim to increase.

You can order deliciously prepared Hapi Meals, Sides and Sauces.
We deliver every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evening.

About Hapi Food Co.

Hapi Food Co. was started in 2016 by Conor Coyne. Who grew up in Dunboyne, Co. Meath.

After graduating from Trinity College, the journey of Hapi Food Co. began! Conor had always wanted to start a business and had worked in different restaurants and kitchens through college. Since he had no big commitments or a clear career path ahead, he decided to start a food business.

We knew we wanted to make good food that was good for you. That was our plan and we went with it. From a rented co-kitchen in Dunboyne to our own kitchen in Clonee. We provided delicious prepared meals via 5, 6 & 7 Day Meal Packages from April 2016 – April 2022.

We went from strength to strength and delivered meals to thousands of people around Meath and Dublin. We are still delivering to some of our first customers, over 5 years later.

We believe the best food is cooked from scratch with quality ingredients. And that’s what we do. Whole produce is prepared in-house, along with every sauce, side, and snack. With nothing artificial added to extend shelf life. Our food is simply cooked, chilled, and delivered.

That is why, as of June 2022, we decided to expand our range. Taking our favourite Hapi Meals and making it possible to not just buy the fully prepared meals but now you can mix and match your favourite sides, meats, veg, and sauces! You can even buy whole produce now too!

Hapi Food Co. is the easiest way to eat well every day. We cook and deliver, from scratch and with a smile, deliciously healthy food to your door. Ready to eat when you are.
Time is of the essence in this world. We help you save it. While you make the most of it!

Meet The Team



This is the guy who came up with the concept and brought us all together. Who would’ve thought it from someone who only really began eating fruit and veg a few months before starting Hapi Food Co. in 2016. He leads the sales, marketing, distribution, and development parts of the business.


Head Chef

The first employee of Hapi Food Co! He joined the team as part of his culinary course work-experience in 2017 and went on to join the team full-time when he graduated from college. Since then he has gone from strength-to-strength and is now an integral part of the running of our kitchen! He is also an acting all-star featuring in many of our videos!

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Hapi Food Co Nutrition & Fitness Ready Made Healthy Meals

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How do you use my data?

We use customers’ email addresses and phone numbers as a means to send receipts, let them know when their delivery is arriving, when to re-order and to contact them should no-one be home during deliveries. It is kept strictly confidential and is shared with no third parties.

Do you deal with food intolerances / special requirements?

At the end of your order, there is a comments box in which you can state any problems you may have and we’ll do our best to make sure your needs are catered to. Should you have severe allergies, it is best you contact us via phone or email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Where do you deliver to?

At the moment we deliver to most of Dublin and select areas of south Meath. If where you are is not featured on our order page, give us an email or call and we’ll try and do our best to accommodate you. Otherwise, keep an eye on this site and our social media pages for expansion announcements.

How should I store my food?

All food is labelled with specific storage instructions but generally all our food should be kept refrigerated. We recommend that the meals are eaten on the day they were chosen for.

How do I reheat my meals?

All you need is a microwave. Our boxes are microwaveable too so you don’t even need a plate! All meals are labelled with specific instructions letting you know how long to microwave for.

What happens if I’m not home when my order arrives?

If you know in advance that you won’t be home, we can deliver your food to a neighbour. Otherwise, you can collect from our premises in Dunboyne.

Are my payment details safe?

Yes, we use Stripe as well as PayPal to process our payments so your details are completely safe! We also accept cash on delivery which is to be paid on first delivery day.

Do you provide the nutritional breakdown/macros?

Yes, we do have all the nutritional information on our menu page beside each dish. These are calculated as accurately as we can using our recipes. These are all available on MyFitnessPal too.

Can you provide meals exactly to my macros?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer right now. You can use our nutritional information and select your meals based on them though.